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 At Luxe Dog we work with dogs of all ages and breeds.  We promote a calm, stress free environment at all times.  To the best of our ability we attempt to work on an in/out policy.  This means your pet is only with us for as long as it takes to perform the groom.  Generally a small to medium sized dog is out in 1 to 2 hours.  This reduces the stress that many dogs feel when visiting the groomer.   Because of the high demand for this service we are looking to add another member to our team.   At this time we are unable to accept new clients and are booking approximately 6 weeks in advance.


We apologize for any inconvenience but  we are unable to accept dogs over 50 pounds.

We also regret to inform you that we have had to suspend training services at this time due to the overwhelming demand for grooming.  So sorry but there are only so many hours in a day!  Thank you for your understanding.

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The Nagayu CO² Spa Treatment originated in Japan.  It contains carbon dioxide, hydrogen and bicarbonate and has been an effective medical and hair treatment on humans for years.

This skin and hair therapy treatment is now available at Luxe Dog for your beloved four legged companion!

This system helps dogs with skin problems such as itchiness, hot spots, yeast build up, flea and tick bites, warts, "gunky" ears, odor, dandruff, dry skin and more!  The Spa treatment also encourages hair growth and leaves the coat and skin noticeably cleaner, healthier and odor free. 

The shower heads design dissolves the CO² tablet into the rinse which breaks the shampoo up faster, and gets the treatment right down into the clogged pores to remove built up mineral waste. 

Dogs of all ages love the feel of the gentle massage of the Nagayu Spa Treatment.

Ask us to see some before and after pictures, you'll be amazed!



Harmonic Balance came about because of a desire to offer you tools, products and knowledge to assist you in following a path of holistic, natural health and well being in your beloved four legged companion.  

We bring you products such as organic aromatherapy remedies for anxiety, stress, joint and muscle pain, immune system maintenance and flea and insect repellents.  

We offer organic and/or wildly crafted herbal supplements such as Allergy Relief, Digestive Health, Turmeric Paste, Daily Supplement, Joint and Hip Health, Immune Support, Skin and Coat Health, CBD Full Spectrum Oils, CBD enriched treats, Hemp Seed Oil, Spirulina and more.  

You'll find healthful treats such as herbal biscuits which can aid with relief of itchy skin, joint pain, immune support and stress.

We offer healing crystal collar pendants for various conditions.  

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If you'd like to book online please fill out all the fields below and include the date and time you would like to set your appointment for. Please also indicate if you would like the Nagayu treatment included for an additional fee. IMPORTANT: Your appointment is not confirmed until we get back to you.

Need a quick nail trim?  Give us a call, we're happy to squeeze you in!

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